beth mccain 1

You have this incredible ability to think. Not only do you have the ability to think, you have unlimited thoughts. There are no boundaries on where your thoughts can take you. Couple that with focus, along with a positive vibration, and letting go of resistant kind of vibrations, then the life you envision will come to you.

Just think…the moment that you choose to focus on what you want and you have that image within your mind, that image has already been created. What you want has been created in the ‘invisible.’  Now all you have to do is create it in the physical and that is where the inner work comes in.  Keeping a strong positive higher vibration as you go about your day, letting go of the negative vibration, focusing on what you want with an expectation of it happening while trusting the Universe to take care of the how.  Couple your thought with strong positive feelings and you will have in your life, what you envisioned.