beth mccain 5565

At times we can let our mind wander and it whispers little thoughts about who we are. It may whisper that we aren’t good enough or that we should feel guilty for taking a vacation or maybe those whispers are saying that you aren’t beautiful.

When we let our mind wander and we forget to stay conscious of that critical self thought, we are doing ourselves and our life, a disservice.  Why is it that we ‘beat up’ the very person we are through self talk? We begin to compare ourselves to others and what they do and have and that critical voice won’t let us forget it.

Yet when we remind ourselves that we are ‘just right’ no matter what we do or say and that we are not our neighbor but an original human being living life in the best way that we know how, then we can tell the mind chatter to pipe down and turn our focus toward thoughts and feelings that are more productive for our lives.

It’s important to love and accept the self with all its human traits and thoughts. We can see what another has and do our best to bring it into our lives but we don’t have to compare ourselves with another. We will never match up with another because we are each unique with unique thoughts, feelings, reactions, and experiences.

Keep an eye on what you say to yourself today.  If that critical voice is speaking tell it to pipe down and shift your thought to something you love about yourself. Know that you are a miracle in this world.

Accept and love all of who you are my friend.