planting a flower

These days it seems that people tend to keep to themselves when they are going about their business. With cellphones, ipads, ipods, computers, and so many other things that we can carry with us many walk around tuning out the physical world as they are listening and observing through their earphones/skull candy and through their screen.

I find we have to make an effort to be more in-tune with others these days when we are out and about. As I was sitting at a red light and waiting for traffic, I looked over at the laundry mat.  I saw this one gentleman who seem to be washing any and every thing he had ever owned. He brought load after load, box after box, of laundry.  He struggled to open the door to get in each time. My red light was one of those long ones so I kept observing. I could see in the laundry mat and people were tuning out the world with their electronic devices and not even looking to help this gentleman. One looked up but then looked back down.

My red light was telling me something so instead of going straight I chose to take the right and give the guy a hand. I was the door opener and he profusely thanked me telling me that he had just cleaned out his storage unit and found many clothes that could be given to Goodwill so he thought he should wash them first. I then got back into my car and went on my way. Now, I’m not expecting a ‘jewel in my crown’ for telling you all about me helping this gentleman at all. It was a lesson for myself.

Sitting at that red light  made me take time to look around outside my world. It created an experience of observation and how I would have liked to have another help me if I was in that situation. I could have sat at that red light (and I thought about it before I made that right turn) but I would then be one of the many people who were engrossed in their own lives to help out another. This helped me to open up to giving without expectation and to take note of something I may well have done myself like those sitting in their own world.

This helped me to really look around myself and observe what another is doing.  A smile, an opening of a door, or some encouragement may be what another needs or wants. You can make the difference in how another looks at the world and it took my own positive vibration to another notch within to be conscious of others and their world.

You never know who might need that help. Don’t just sit at the red light or in the chair and watch another struggle. Do something, give whatever you can from a smile to an encouraging post on Facebook to maybe a dollar bill if needed.
We are all here to experience together. We can help another by letting them know they are not alone. And if you do your best to help another, and they refuse that help, just know that by making the gesture, they have been touched by the experience.

By giving without any expectations, you are sending out a higher more positive vibration to the world and you know what that means! 😉