beth 787

When we focus on what we dream our life to be and we believe that our thought is what will take us to those dreams, we have to also consider our daily ordinary thoughts as well as our inner most thoughts about ourselves.

When the Universe brings to you just what you put out in a thought and feeling vibration, it doesn’t just focus on your dream.  The Universe focuses on all your vibrations and puts them together to send you back an experience of the mixed vibration you send out.  You put focus on your dream and you couple it with your inner most thoughts of how you feel about yourself, then the Universe brings back to you that vibration.

So take a look at your inner most thoughts about yourself. How do you feel about you?  Do you feel you deserve what you desire? Do you feel bad about yourself and who you are?  Do you feel good about who you are?  Whatever you feel and think about yourself is thrown into the mix of vibrations of your day. So inner work is necessary if you have an inner critic telling you what to think and feel about yourself.  It also may have an inner critic that tells you that what you want isn’t possible but you can hope.

As you can see, there is much more than thinking yourself to what you want in life.  It takes inner work of all your vibrations of what you think, feel, believe, and say about not only yourself but others as well.

What inner most thoughts will you be working on today?