Moment to moment you have a choice.  No matter what your day has been like, no matter what kind of traffic you may have been sitting in, no matter if the day is full of negative people; you always have a choice in where you take your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

We don’t have to blame an experience or a person for putting us in a negative state of mind. Our whole day doesn’t have to be blown because of a traffic jam.

You always have had a choice in how you think, feel, and react in an experience. If you are in a negative feeling experience, then take a moment to stop, take a deep breath in, and in the exhale let go and relax your shoulders and neck. Then go within to the connection of who you truly are and find the balance within. Then readjust your vibrations to inner balance. As you let go of the negative vibration, you shift focus toward something that feels better; an appreciative thought or a higher more positive thought. Let go of the attachment to what another might say that is negative and fine tune your own vibration.

All is well my friend. In each moment you have a choice where you take your vibrations and ultimately that is what your life will be.

If you knew that your current thoughts creates your future experiences, where would you take your focus in this day?  Thoughts create my friend.