Today I was looking at a video my daughter had sent me that was one of those cute animal videos. I just happened to look over to the side of the screen and there was this amazing image of a car that was in mid air coming over the center divider on the freeway.  Below the image, said that no one had been hurt in the experience and what a miracle that the people in the car came out okay so I clicked on the link to read the miraculous story which I did but then the article took me to videos of miraculous crashes.  Miraculous not in everyone was okay but the images of the crash impact. I kept watching and watching and was feeling that tight feeling in my stomach that tells me I am in a resistant feeling vibration.

I recognized the feeling and immediately got out of the videos but the images were left in my mind…and my heart. Isn’t it weird how we can be in this amazing positive vibration and then unconsciously go down a road that brings our vibration down?

Here’s the thing…you can bring your vibration back up.  When you see and feel that you are creating a resistant vibration, then in that moment, you can make the switch.  Sure, it may take a bit to get the images or thoughts out of your mind, but you can do it.

So as the images were in my mind and heart, I went back to the first image that I opened the link to. I thought of the miraculous moment of no one being hurt in that crash. I sent positive, healing, compassionate, and loving vibrations to all the others in the videos I had seen knowing that sending vibrations truly can help others.  I kept going back to the miracle not only that no one was hurt in the first image I saw but the miracles in this Universe. I started to think and feel all the everyday miracles that happen in the ordinary of a day. Then I took the ordinary of the day and thought of all the extra ordinary that comes with a day; the beauty of trees that I see each day as I drive, the giggles of my daughter and her best friend, finding a key that you thought for sure had been thrown out accidentally.  I kept raising my vibrations to a higher more positive thought and feeling. If the images from the videos came back to mind, then I would let them go with sending those positive healing vibrations towards each person involved. Then I headed right back to shifting my focus toward the positive in life.

It takes practice my friend but it truly can become a way of life to let go of the negative and embrace the positive.