You can change life in this very moment. Whether you are having negative experiences or positive experiences, you can change the direction based on your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

If you are having a less than positive experience, you can do your best in the experience but you can let go of the negative vibrations and embrace positive vibrations through creating inner balance.

Within you, is the true self of who you are.  That true self is forever connected to the Universe and that true self is always unconditionally loved, cared for, and in balance. Connect into that place within and you will find the strength, wisdom, and balance to take care of any situation through a positive vibration.

You don’t need to automatically feel bad in a negative feeling experience. You can choose the direction of where your life is heading.  You can change your life beginning with this moment right now.

Negative vibrations make you feel like you are pushing against or struggling where as positive vibrations feel lighter and freer with clarity. How are you feeling today? Find the vibration and change it up to create a higher more positive thought and feeling.

Life will change its course my friend.