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We all experience life together in this Universe.  We also have the ability to help others if we choose. To help another through random acts of kindness or helping another when they need help, is a higher positive feeling vibration.  There is a feeling like no other when we help others without expecting anything in return.

But sometimes when we are constantly helping others, we take on their challenge and try to fix things. We then get involved by worrying and trying to fix all their challenges for them. There’s a point when we take on their challenges and their resistant feeling vibrations which begin to create a problem in our own life.

We truly are here to help one another but when you take on another and their challenge vibration, then you have gone too far for your own vibration. Helping others should feel good.  It should give you a sense of purpose but just remember that their life and their choices are up to them. They may have challenge after challenge because they don’t want to change.  By helping again and again with the same person and the same experience, then you are no longer helping; you are enabling. Maybe that person needs to learn all on their own how to help themselves in their repetitive experience.

There is a big difference between helping and enabling another. When you feel as if you are being depended on and responsible for the outcome of another when helping, then you are enabling but when you feel you can encourage, unconditionally love, and help them to move forward in their life from a particular challenge, then you are helping not hindering.

Do your best to keep it in mind and heart when helping my friend.