beth mccain 793

So you told yourself that you would be thinking positive all day long and then you go outside and see that something has gotten into your trash can.  You clean up the trash, get in your car to go to work, and it won’t start. At this point you are madder than a hornet and shaking your fists to the sky yelling, “Why does this always happen to me?” And then you go down the negative thought road. You get to work late and you’ve decided that you are just going to have a bad day until you remember that you were going to be positive all day long…sigh. You get frustrated with yourself and create even more resistant feeling vibrations.

How to avoid the above scenario is to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Each time you head down a negative feeling experience and you forget to be conscious of your thoughts while shifting your focus toward the positive, let go of the need to get mad at yourself and instead, just begin again. That is all you have to do. You don’t have to be upset with yourself, you don’t have to blame experiences for making you feel bad; just begin again. Keep trying to shift your focus.  You will find that the more you practice without getting upset with yourself, the easier it will become. The less focus you put toward the resistant thoughts and feelings, you will letting go of resistant feeling vibrations that won’t be a part of your current and future vibrations.

Just begin again my friend.