There are times where the ego mind takes hold and thinks it is the one that makes all the decisions.  Any decision it makes is from a self-centered place and self-centered can create resistant vibrations because selfishness, in and of itself, is a negative feeling emotion whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Of course, I’m not talking about the healthy ego that we have of self-confidence.  The self confident ego  knows when to say ‘no’ if you push yourself too hard and knows to nurture all of who you are because it knows how amazing you are as a spiritual being having a physical experience.  It also knows that no one is better than another and that everyone is an amazing being.  The healthy ego reaches out to others and helps without expectation of any praise or expectation of getting something in return, yet it also understands the balance of taking care of the self versus selfishness.

What I am referring to when it comes to the ego mind is the self-centered ego. The one that thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.  The one that compares itself to others and says ‘me, me, me.’ The one that thinks it is so much better than others and needs to be praised and appreciated no matter what it thinks or does. The one that doesn’t think of others and only is self-serving. That ego is one that can stop you  in your tracks toward getting to where you want to be in life.

Instead of living through the physical eyes of the ego mind, how about living from the true self within that is connected to the healthy ego?  How about making choices based on not how it is going to get you noticed in the world but because it comes from the heart and you don’t expect anything in return?

We can be self-centered or find a good balance within of who we are in relation to others and know that we all experience life differently.  No one is better or worse than another; we just all make choices based on our own perceptions and beliefs.

Let go of the self centered ego and embrace that healthy ego with the true self in the front seat. Life will feel more connected and positive. And as you sit in the seat of the true self with your healthy ego intact, life itself begins to change in the best most positive way you could imagine.