time to release

Fear itself is just a strong intense feeling.  And when we are afraid, our mind and even our bodies, can make us even more afraid by the worst case scenario thoughts we build within our minds.  And when we build up fear within our mind, then our body then gets into a state where it begins to react to the fear that builds from running to the bathroom to shaking to headaches. We are all so different in our reaction to fear, aren’t we?

Fear can be a good emotion in some cases. A child understands that the fireplace is hot and if it gets too close there is a fear and survival mode that kicks in that will tell the child to get back…hot. In this case, it keeps us safe.

But it is the fear that we build within our minds that isn’t necessary. Creating worst case scenarios, fearing the unknown, fearing life itself, and building up negative beliefs can make life miserable.  We can become anxious about any and every thing. We can get so wrapped up in fear that we begin to stay inside for fear of someone or something outside our door.

Fear, my friend, is just an emotion and it can only do you harm when you attach to it and take it on as your focus.

Ask yourself questions about what you fear.  ‘Why do I fear…?”  Instead of looking at the question with fear, observe it without the anxiety, and ask what the fear is about. Is it about being afraid of change? Or is it about being afraid of being hurt somehow? What is that fear telling you? Once you find the core of the fear then you can begin working on how to help yourself to let go of the fear.

Let’s say you were afraid of what another thinks of you and it is such a fear that you won’t go out unless you have to. Begin by taking a nice deep breath in and tell the mind to let go of the tension in the shoulders and neck. By doing this, you are giving the mind something to do. Next, when you exhale, let go of the feeling of fear as you breathe out. When letting go, feel yourself going within (like in meditation) and connect to the forever connection of this Universe. Right there you will find love, compassion, and acceptance. You can tell yourself, “I can live life in the best way I see fit for my life because it is MY life. What another thinks of me is none of my business.”  Take a couple of more breaths in and out and continue to feel accepted within. Give yourself a pep talk.  Now take a little walk or go on some errands. If you feel someone looking at you funny, then take a deep breathe and let go of the fear and remind yourself, ‘What another thinks of me is none of my business.’ Remind yourself that maybe you were just assuming you know what they were thinking. Maybe they weren’t thinking about you at all. And does it really matter that they are thinking of you if they were?  It only matters if you choose to become a part of their vibration.

Let the fear go my friend. You have so much to enjoy and embrace in life.

Could you use some help with creating positive vibrations each day? Maybe you need someone to remind you of how you can go about creating a better feel thought and feeling which will take your life to a whole new level of living?
Let me help guide you.   Personal positive daily email coaching and counseling has helped many to get into ‘that zone’ of creating a more positive feeling life.  For every door that feels as if it has closed, there are many more that open.  You just have to look. This moment is an open door for you right now.  Are you going to walk through it?  
Daily email counsel is five days a week excluding weekends and holidays. This is not a service where you get only encouraging mass words for each day; this is personal coaching which means you and I correspond each and every day by email. We begin with a questionnaire I have for you to tell me what is happening in your life as well as your way of handling experiences.  Then we begin from there. Each and every day we counsel together as I help guide you to a better feeling place to the place of where you want to be in life. I help you to release old ways of thought and embrace new ways of handling experiences.  You and I keep track together of how you are doing and fine tune if necessary.  Many will vent as to how they are thinking and feeling and we find a way together to get into a better feeling place.  Since thoughts and feelings do create then as you change your way of thinking and reacting, your life begins to take on a whole new meaning and then life itself will change.
How about it?  I am here for you my friend.

One month daily coaching and counseling – 25.00
Three months – 40.00
One full year – 125.00

Just email me at: lifewithbeth@yahoo.com and let me know you are interested.  Let me know if you would like one month, three months, or a full year of coaching and counseling. I will then send you an invoice through Paypal. Once you pay the invoice, then we get started.  It is as easy as just that. 🙂

You can also visit my website:  Life with Beth