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Resistance vibrations can come in many different forms. They are usually brought on by your perception of an experience or through over thinking.  A resistant vibration is a thought coupled with a feeling that makes you feel agitated, sad, angry, frustrated, controlling, and all those other tense filled vibrations. They’re not all bad; but when they become a problem is when you experience them over and over and over again with no change in thought and/or feeling.

For example: Let’s say someone cut you off in line. At first you are going to be upset and angry at the thought that someone would consciously do that. Or maybe you feeling hurt somehow.  This is only human and as we really look at it, we can see that it wasn’t personal or that the person was just inconsiderate. We can let go of the resistant vibration and move on from it chalking it up to another having a bad day.

But it is when we relive it over and over again, creating those feelings of upset over and over again, that keep the resistant vibration going within you.  It no longer is about the person who cut you off but it now has become about you not being able to let it go.

Then as you go about each day, you begin to compare that experience with other experiences. You begin attracting more resistant vibrations because you are dwelling on and attaching to that upset thought and feeling.

Can you see how this can build up?

So what if you just let go of the resistant vibrations to begin with? What if you worked it through within your mind and heart, dealt with the situation in a way that is compassionate and kind but firm, and then went about your day without thinking another moment about it.  And if it comes to mind, you just let go again and again so that the resistant vibration fades away as you shift focus to being in the moment and creating a more positive vibration?

There in lies the inner work my friend.

Could you use some help with creating positive vibrations each day? Maybe you need someone to remind you of how you can go about creating a better feel thought and feeling which will take your life to a whole new level of living?
Let me help guide you.   Personal positive daily email coaching and counseling has helped many to get into ‘that zone’ of creating a more positive feeling life.  For every door that feels as if it has closed, there are many more that open.  You just have to look. This moment is an open door for you right now.  Are you going to walk through it?  
Daily email counsel is five days a week excluding weekends and holidays. This is not a service where you get only encouraging mass words for each day; this is personal coaching which means you and I correspond each and every day by email. We begin with a questionnaire I have for you to tell me what is happening in your life as well as your way of handling experiences.  Then we begin from there. Each and every day we counsel together as I help guide you to a better feeling place to the place of where you want to be in life. I help you to release old ways of thought and embrace new ways of handling experiences.  You and I keep track together of how you are doing and fine tune if necessary.  Many will vent as to how they are thinking and feeling and we find a way together to get into a better feeling place.  Since thoughts and feelings do create then as you change your way of thinking and reacting, your life begins to take on a whole new meaning and then life itself will change.
How about it?  I am here for you my friend.

One month daily coaching and counseling – 25.00
Three months – 40.00
One full year – 125.00

Just email me at: and let me know you are interested.  Let me know if you would like one month, three months, or a full year of coaching and counseling. I will then send you an invoice through Paypal. Once you pay the invoice, then we get started.  It is as easy as just that. 🙂

You can also visit: Life with Beth