beth 9989

How much do you trust others?

Sometimes, when we have someone take something from us or say something that is hurtful; we begin to mistrust not only the person who was responsible for the mistrust, but we begin to look at others and mistrust them as well. We get into a cycle of mistrusting everyone and everything. We build a resistant feeling vibration of mistrust.

When others make us feel insecure in some way, we can become jaded and think that almost everyone will make us insecure and take advantage of us.

Here’s the thing; we always have a choice in where we take our thought. Just because one person made it so that you feel you can’t trust them, doesn’t mean that everyone is that way. Learn from the experience.  The person who caused you the feelings of mistrust is living their life in the best way they know how. They see their experiences from their point of view, what they have experienced, what their upbringing and beliefs are, and their environment. Their vibration only becomes a part of your vibration if you let it. It is their challenge if they can’t be trusted. You can do your best to handle the situation yet let go of the need to ‘lump’ everyone in the same mold.

Not everyone is trustworthy but there are many out there who are. If you have trouble with trusting others, do your best step aside from the urge to mistrust any and every one. Really look at why you feel you are not trusting others and see if your thoughts are truly valid. Or does it rely on just one person or experience? If it does, then you can begin to build trust with others and be cautious with the person who caused the mistrust.

As you let go of those mistrusting vibrations and move above and beyond the need for protection from everyone, then you will be letting go of a resistant vibration that may be holding you back.

The Universe itself can be trusted my friend.