beth mccain 7789

So you’ve been envisioning and envisioning and you just haven’t gotten what you wanted in life.

Did you do the inner work to get you there? Did you envision yet let ‘the how’ come about through the Universe instead of micro managing how it will present itself?

Did you let go of worry, frustration, and impatience so that you were sending out vibrations of only the positive?

Did you look at a challenge feeling experience and know and expect, while trusting that it was an experience to help guide you to letting go of resistant feeling thoughts, and shift toward a higher more positive vibration that was a closer match to what you wanted?

Did you get discouraged as each day went by and what you wanted just wouldn’t manifest instead of letting go of that feeling while shifting, once again, to a more positive appreciative feeling vibration?

Did you let go of worrying about it all and inner working toward embracing and enjoying each moment of the day knowing that all will unfold just as it should in the right time for your life?

Did you take the higher more positive road when it came to your everyday experiences?

Did you let go of old repetitive thought patterns and replace them with positive thought patterns?

Did you not get mad at yourself when you realized that you were thinking and feeling negative instead of telling yourself that there is no reason to get mad; just pick yourself up and begin again in a more positive state of mind?

Did you stay in a non judgmental and non assuming thought when others had opinions about what you wanted in life?

Those are just a few questions that can bring the thought of inner work up, don’t you think?

You got this my friend…the Universe has your back. 🙂