beth 787

Many times when negative experiences happen, we can feel as if we don’t have a choice in it all.  We have to put up with the negative experience and just ride it out.  We worry and wonder what we could have done to create such an experience.

Here’s the thing, you do have a choice. When a negative experience comes about you have a choice in the direction you take your thoughts and feelings. You can either succumb to the fears, frustrations, worries, and doubts that a negative experience can bring or you can remind yourself that you have a choice where you take your thoughts and feelings.

You see, you can do what has to be done to deal with the experience but at the same time you can let go and release the resistant feeling vibrations that come along with it. You can take that deep breath in and in the exhale, let the negative feeling thoughts go.  As you let go of the negative, you can shift your thought to a better feeling place. You can find your balance within and know and trust that this experience is a chance for you to take a higher more positive vibration.  And when you take a higher more positive vibration, then you rise above and beyond the negative.  Then the negative begins to subside and you will find the experience is only temporary.

The more you create a higher more positive thought, the more you will have higher more positive experiences.

And what is the perfect thought to expect, believe, and trust in when it comes to the Universe?

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

Take the higher road my friend.

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