nightie night

We all have moments where we think we made a mistake. Some of us let the mistake go thinking ‘live and learn’ and some will hold onto to that mistake and believe that they are a failure.

What if I was to tell you that there truly are no mistakes or failures?  How about we look at mistake and failure from a whole other light?

When we make what we consider a mistake, it is usually in a moment where we are doing our best and believe that the direction we are taking is right for our lives and then later, we find that it didn’t work out exactly as we thought it would. We regret, blame, and even mentally beat ourselves up over a mistake but really, a mistake is just an event in our lives that we can chose to do our best to make the most of it. A mistake can help guide us to growth and understanding. It is just another experience we experience.   And just because it didn’t turn out like we expected doesn’t make it this ominous storm cloud over our life…unless we choose that storm cloud.

The same things goes for failure. You went in a direction you thought was best and it didn’t turn out like you thought. Maybe according to society or the physical world itself, it is what they call a failure but if you don’t compare your thought and actions to another then you find that your experience was just another experience that took you in a different direction. That doesn’t sound like failure to me…that sounds like experience life and learning from it.

We are human. We say and do one thing and sometimes it turns out differently.  And sometimes that different is what is better for our lives; we just can’t see that it is better at the time.

How about just experiencing life and let go of the thought of mistakes and failures and embrace each lesson and experience without judgment or assumption?