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Do you let others bring you down?  Do you get wrapped up in how they are feeling and take it on as your own?

Did you know that you have a choice whether to be a part of their vibration?

When another is feeling upset, it can be challenging not to get involved and be upset with them but really, that is not the only choice when it comes to another. You can listen, help them as best as you can, and also stay detached from the vibration that they are sending into the world. There is no rule that says you have to feel down because another feels down. You can be compassionate and listen but you don’t have to have it affect your personal life experience.

This is where choice comes in. Be conscious of your deep conversations with another and ask yourself if you feel yourself feeling negative or down. If you are, then take a moment to take a deep breath in, and consciously breathe out the vibration of attachment to the negative vibration.  Let go and release the feelings of another as you listen and help them.  Send good positive vibrations toward them yet keep yourself clear from within of the negative vibration of another.

This is a conscious choice to let go and detaching.  It is a conscious choice to take your vibration to a higher more positive place when talking to someone who is in a negative vibration.

Be conscious my friend. Listen, be compassionate, and help if you can but let go of and step aside from the drama and negative vibration.