beth mccain 221

There are times when we are walking our life journey and feel that it somehow goes off the path of what we had envisioned for our life. You can’t seem to stop the detour from happening.

That detour?  It may be the way that you must take in order to get to where you want to be.  Look at the detour as a scenic route that you can get see, learn, and grow from.  You will get back on the main road soon enough but this detour is important to getting you to where you want to be.

Maybe it comes in the form of a challenge or even an obstacle but you have a choice in how you handle it. If you look at the detour as helping to guide you to experiences that will help lift your vibration to the match of where you truly want to be, then the detour is something that you really should walk, don’t you think?

Every experience, even the ones that are unexpected, are a part of getting you to where you want to be. You can embrace and enjoy the detour or fret and worry as you walk the detour. Either way you will be led back to the main road but one way will be in a positive vibration and the other would be in a negative worrisome vibration. Each will create the next moment in life.

I think I’ll choose the scenic detour and trust that the Universe sees the bigger picture of what I want in life.  That detour is a part of the vibration of getting me to where I want to be.  Higher positive vibration detour for me!  How about you?