Old Fire Hook Creek

This picture looks like complete disaster, doesn’t it?  Fire up in the mountains where people had to evacuate seems like a very challenging experience, doesn’t it? Yet out of this experience came many positive moments and ultimately took me and my family to our dream.

Wildfires took two of our homes in California (yes, we were up in those mountains pictured above) and from that experience I can’t tell you the amount of amazing positive experiences that came out of it.  The people who came forward to hand us a house to live in until we could figure out what to do, the hundreds of people asking if there was anything they could do brought gratitude and appreciation, not one family member was hurt in the blaze, and when it was all over we physically had nothing but we had gained so much more.

We had always wanted to live in Oregon and the fire made it possible. We had nothing to physically move, we had no ties to keep us in California with selling of homes, and we could make a fresh new start in the very state we had wanted to retire in.

All of that came from a challenging experience.  Many doors opened all the way and we were always safe and sound.

So if you are in a challenging experience right now, just know that how you handle the experience is the direction your life will head. Let go of fear and worry and embrace trust in the Universe that this experience had to come about to take you to where you want to truly be.

Do your part by creating a strong positive focus in all you do and look for what you can appreciate through it all.  Those vibrations will create many doors opening where one door may have closed.

This challenging experience is a part of getting you to where you have envisioned. Create a path of positive strong focus right now in this moment…