time to release

All of us do it. All of us look to the past to remember.  Sometimes we don’t even know that we are going in the past with the mind and end up in the middle of one of those memories of the past.  Some of the memories of the past are amazing and truly worth looking at; while other memories and experiences of the past can cause us to dwell and mull over all that the past had.

The past does serve a purpose. We can look back and feel good about memories.  We can also look back and see what we did and what we said to help us not repeat a particular experience. When we dwell on the past, we are reliving and activating past vibrations.  Those vibrations become your future in some way, shape, or form. It may not be the same past experience but it will be an experience that feels like that experience.

You can also look at the past without attaching to the thought and feeling of it, see what there is you an glean from the experience, let go of asking yourself ‘why did I go that’ or ‘why did they do that’ and just do what you can ‘in the now’ to help guide you to a better more positive vibration. You don’t have to forget the past but you can forgive the past. You can learn and grow through the experience as you look back but then leave it there and only bring forward what you feel you may have learned from it for your current life experience.

Let the past go and live in this moment my friend.