beth mccain 779

Do you want your life experience to change in some way?  Maybe you want a new job or maybe you want more abundance in your life? Or maybe you just want life in general to change for the better?

Here’s the thing about wanting something different than what you currently have in your life; it requires change in some way. So if you are uncomfortable with change, then that is where you need to begin the inner work to creating something different for your life. Change creates change and if life begins to show change, even a less than positive kind of change, it is changing. That is the moment to go with the flow of what is changing and do your best to rise above and beyond the less than positive feeling experience.

Sometimes when we want something in life that is different than we currently have, certain experiences have to come about to help guide us to the matching vibration of what we want.  Even if it is an experience that is less than positive, it may be the catalyst to take you to what you envision. Where you take the experience within your mind and heart is the direction life is going to head.

Will you do what you always do and react to the experience as you have before or will you get through the experience in a more positive vibration knowing that the positive vibration will take you to a higher vibration that is closer to what you want?  Each experience you have has meaning and gives you a chance to take a direction.

If you can trust ‘how’ it comes about and know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience, then the change that is happening will take you to where you want to be.

Do you want your life to change in a different way than it has before? Then trust, know, and expect each experience to be a part of getting you to where you want to be.