beth mccain7787

Have you ever thought about how you approach another?  In others words, when you meet new people, what is it that you think within your mind? Do you begin with suspicion and have a ‘wait and see’ kind of attitude about who they are?  Or do you welcome others with an open mind and heart letting it all unfold in the way that it will?

No matter who we are, we are all different in what we think, what we believe, and how we feel.  We are complex begins that we can never fully understand each other.  But we are all alike as well; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Just because we all think differently doesn’t mean that we can’t accept one another and accept the differences as well.

How about being conscious of having an open mind and an open heart when greeting others. Open your heart knowing that whatever will be, will be.  Get to know another before creating any kind of suspicious thoughts about another.

You are no better and no worse than another. We are all experiencing in the best way that we know how in life and we can either become a part of another’s life experience or we can mistrust first not ever knowing what they were truly about.

Be conscious today…