beth mccain 2212

You wouldn’t think that impatience could actually slow down what you are waiting for but it does.

You see, impatience is one of those resistant feeling vibrations that makes you feel agitated and even frustrated.  It creates this vibration of resistance to the very thing that you are waiting for. So if you are impatience then you are creating more impatient experiences for yourself.

So how do you let go of impatience? How do you not feel like you’re waiting? Well, you take a moment to really think it through. You believe that what you want is going to come into your life, right? But do you believe and trust that it is coming into your life in the right time it should for the best in your life? Do you believe that the Universe will take care of ‘the how’ and bring what you want ‘as is’ or better?

So if you believe it is happening, and you believe it is all in the right time, then why are you impatient?  Yes, it would be nice if it was exactly at this very moment but maybe, just maybe, this moment isn’t the perfect time even if you think it is.  Maybe the Universe can see the bigger picture of what you want and knows the best experiences to align you with what you want. Why not let go of the impatience and replace that impatience with excitement of what is to come when it comes into your life?  And why not embrace each moment right now instead of sitting around frustrated because it hasn’t unfolded quite yet?

What kind of vibration will you be sending out today? One of impatience or one of trust and excitement that what you envision will come into your life at the perfect moment?