Are you pushing against an experience that you are having?  Maybe you don’t think you are, but the pushing against an experience that is happening is creating more of the same so let’s see if you are, shall we?

We all have experiences in life that feel less than positive but it is in our own thought and feeling where that negative experience is going to take us in life. Let’s say you know it is going to be a hot day. So you bemoan and talk all about how hot it is and how you can’t take the heat. You go on and on to everyone around you about how hot you are and they too, tell you how hot they are as well. Each time someone asks you, “How is your day,” you begin with the complaining of how hot it is.  This is an experience that you can’t change.  It’s hot, right?  But where you take your thoughts and feelings will be creating the same kind of vibration in some way.

Okay, it’s hot. You know it is hot and you know that, for the day, it is going to be hot. It is what it is. Since you know it is what it is then you can accept that it is, let go of the need to negatively portray that it is, and begin to shift your focus toward something more positive in your attitude. Instead of focusing on the heat, you can focus on what can be done about the heat. You can use a fan, you can run the air conditioner, you can go in the pool, you can go to a cool movie theater and watch a movie….there are endless positive things you can do to shift your focus and feel more comfortable.

So what does the shift of focus do?  It begins to create more positive vibrations in your day and future.  It may be hot but you have choices where you take your vibrations and where you take those vibrations, will take you in a direction.

This can be applied to all experiences that are what they are and can’t be changed. You can change the experience through your own attitude.

What are you focusing on today?