In the world today, we have much to think about.  And having much to think about can lead us to worry and anxiety at times. When we are anxious, our neck and shoulders become tight and our very being feels tight.  We feel as if we are resisting against something.  Well, we are resisting against our natural state to create a steady flow of vibration that resides within us.   Our natural state isn’t about feeling resistant but in this world today we have so much going on within our lives and within our mind that we think if we don’t worry that we won’t be prepared when something negative happens.  We also create that worst case scenario so that we can be all ready for it with some kind of solution before it happens.

But it is just as easy to create a best case scenario and prepare for that outcome.  We can prepare for a positive experience.

The worry that we send out in vibration creates more to worry about.  It is like little negative seeds of prayer.

Yet when you send out a positive vibration you are creating more positive experiences to come your way.

Why worry?  Why not just live in the moment and truly embrace what is happening right now in life instead of projecting a worried vibration into your future?

You have this moment to live.  You can create some pretty amazing good feeling vibrations through appreciation and gratitude. You can let go of the worry and know, trust, and expect that the Universe will take care of all that is needed to be taken care of as you create the direction through your vibrations.

Moment by moment my friend…