beth mccain 793

We all have them. We all have automatic repetitive thoughts that come to mind in our life experiences.  Some are positive and some are negative; but no matter which direction you go, those repetitive thought patterns are creating a vibration of ‘bring me more.’

There are times when we feel as if life is stuck in a rut.  Or maybe we feel that our money situation seems to always be the same. Most likely you are creating an automatic response to life and they are replaying within your life experience.

The first step is to be conscious of your repetitive thought pattern. For example: maybe each time you get a check, you say to yourself, “It’s not like I get to use any of it for fun, all my money just goes to is the bills.”  When a check comes in that isn’t expected you may say, “I wish it had been bigger.”  You see, even though they are two different statements, the money talk has the same vibration to it.  You are saying that you don’t have enough. And each time you complain when you spend money, you are creating yet another same vibration. This is what is meant by a repetitive thought pattern.

The next step after being conscious of your pattern, is to ask yourself what is a good replacement for your old repetitive pattern. If you have a replacement ready to go, then when you become conscious of the negative thoughts and feelings, then you can replace it with the new thought pattern you want in your life.

Instead of creating a negative pattern of complaints about money, you can begin to change your way of thinking. Tell your mind to stop then replace it with the new good feeling thought.  Instead of complaining about never having enough, you can begin to replace it with appreciation of what you do have in money and appreciation that you can pay the bills. If the mind says, Yeah but… then remember that what you think you will become.  Replace that negative pattern again and again as you change your habit of negative thought. It truly is just a habit and you can change any habit.

So how about sending out some appreciation vibrations today and create a new positive pattern of thought.