beth mccain 8898

What is it about the past that draws in the mind to revisit a past experience over and over again reliving mistakes we felt we made or bring up unpleasant memories?  Why do we do that to ourselves?  You see the past in the past for a reason.  We can observe the past experience without getting all involved in the upset of that past and find little gems of understanding and truth that we can take along our life journey but once we see what we want to take with us, then we can let the rest of the past experience go.

A mind that is occupied with thoughts of the past whether it be guilt, resentment, sadness, or frustration, can’t change the past. Reliving those thoughts are going to change anyone.  They are keeping you where you currently are and that is the vibration of the past.

What would life be like if you let go of your past?  What would life be like if you stepped back in the past, gleaned from the past experience all that you learned and grew from, and then let go of the need to revisit it?  You will feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

Let the past stay in the past and live in this current moment my friend. This moment is what you have right now and what you do and feel in this moment will create your future.

Let go of the past and embrace the now…