step by step

Many wonder what they are doing wrong when it comes to getting what they desire in life. They may think that it is just the hand they have been dealt or maybe a family curse. They may think that they aren’t thinking positive enough or that they just aren’t like the others who get what they want in life. They begin to settle for what life gives them and they stop dreaming or thinking that life will change.

Do you know that none of the above is what creates the path of what you don’t want in life?  You see, we are here experiencing life.  This amazing Universe supports and encourages us through each experience. It may not feel like it at times but if you grab on to what I am about to tell you, then you will see how the Universe is always on your side and that the choice is always up to you whether you go the direction you desire.

The Universe supports and encourages through matching what you ‘put out’ in your own vibration.  When I say matching, I don’t necessarily mean the exact match in ‘physical’ but the exact match in ‘vibration.’  So let’s say you focus on the positive of your day but had a few outbursts of focused frustration at home or in your job. The ‘match’ of your vibration is the mix of all your vibrations so in this case the vibration match is positive mixed in with frustration.  Do you see how that works?

Not only does the Universe ‘match’ that mixed vibration, it also ‘matches’ our vibration of what we believe.  Let’s say you believe that you can’t make any money unless you work 24/7 to get it.  Maybe this is how you have always believed or maybe it is what your parents believed but you believe it no matter how it came about.  So the Universe is going to ‘match’ your vibration along with what you believe day in and day out.  You want a new job that makes you feel happy and calm yet your belief is that you can only make money if you work 24/7 and bust your back to get it.  The Universe is going to match your belief and what vibrations you put toward a calm vibration which again, brings in a mixed vibration and that is what the Universe sends back to you. Who knows what that will bring to you.

Inner work is fully necessary when creating the life you desire. You want to observe the beliefs you may have and see if they go with what you want. You may have to change a few things, let go of some old thought patterns, and embrace new ones while remaining conscious of your daily thoughts and feelings. When it comes to creating new thought patterns, really think about what makes you feel good ‘within’ and what makes you feel positive.  What rings true to you? What is right for one may not be right for another so choose your thoughts and feelings based on your life experience and not what another may have.

This includes how the Universe brings what you want to you. When we have challenges come up in life, we think that maybe we aren’t being positive enough or that we must have done something wrong for the law of attraction not to work but that isn’t what is happening at all. The Universe knows your end goal, or at least the feeling of your end goal if you are unsure of what you want, but you know how you want life to feel. The Universe has the big picture of it all where as we only have a small aspect of the picture. It is up to us to know and trust that each experience is a part of taking us to the vibrational match of what we want even if that experience feels less than positive. It is in your own thought choices as to the direction you will take. You either take a higher positive vibration knowing that the experience is just a part of getting you to where you want to be and you can keep a strong positive focus on solutions, OR you can cave in to the challenge and feel miserable and upset.  Either way you are creating a direction.

The results of creating a positive vibration path are positively endless and amazing.

How about it?  What will you create today?