In each and every day there are extraordinary moments that help guide you to a higher more positive vibration.  It is up to you whether you are aware of those moments. Stop for just a moment and think about where you are sitting right now.  What is around you that feels extraordinary?  Maybe your cat laying across your laptop or maybe the sounds of cartoons in the background coupled with the giggle of your child or maybe just a beautiful image that you come across on the internet.  Any chance that you can focus on the positive and the extra in the ordinary of the day, will help guide you to more experiences that feel just like that experience and the more you are aware and find those moments, the higher your vibration will be and that will guide you above and beyond the current vibration you are in.

How about being aware today?  How about looking for the extra in the ordinary that brings a leap of joy to your heart or a smile and a laugh?  Each vibration counts my friend.  Choose wisely.

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