How often do you live in the future of your life? Are you thinking of what needs to be done tomorrow or next week?  Are you thinking about what needs to be done after work?  Are you continually planning for your future life?

When we keep our thoughts in the future then we will forever be living in the future of life instead of in this moment. Sure, we have to plan and think ahead for some experiences in life but we don’t have to dwell continually on our future plans.  We have this moment right now to appreciate.  We have this moment to live our life experience. Instead of continually planning, we can make a list, make the phone calls needed, but then delight in the current moment that we have right now.

When we are appreciating what is in our life at this very moment, then we are creating appreciative vibrations that will head out into the Universe and bring back to us more appreciative experiences. If we keep our thoughts in the future then we are creating a vibration of future and those future vibrations will continually stay in the future.

When creating what we want for our future, we have to begin with today and what we think, say, and feel in the day.  It is your current thoughts that are creating your future so when thinking of your future, feel and think about what you would like it to be ‘in the right now’ and then appreciate what is in the moment as well. Create your future today through your everyday positive feeling thoughts. Whether you envision a specific goal or just a way of life, you can begin it right now by seeing it ‘in the now’ of today.  And then, let go of the thought and trust that the Universe will be bringing you experiences to help guide you to the matched vibration of what your goal is.

How about living in the moments of the day and just know and trust that your future is taken care of? Let the Universe take care of it as you take care of creating positive vibrations and releasing negative vibrations.