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Are you going upstream or downstream when it comes to your day?  How can you tell? You can tell by how you feel.

Let’s say you have a full day ahead of you. If you are feeling rushed, too much to do, frustrated, and agitated, then you are swimming against the current of life. When you feel as if you are having to push and pull yourself to get through the day then you are swimming upstream.  Have you ever physically tried swimming upstream in the water?  You have to work ten times harder to get upstream if you go against the current.

So the way to know if you are metaphorically swimming upstream is all about how you feeling within in the form of negative vibrations.

Have you ever just let the current take you when you were swimming? Just floated and let the water swirl around you as it takes you downstream?  It is one peaceful ride, isn’t it? You feel like you are going with the flow of the water.  So how about metaphorically start swimming downstream when it comes to your day? How about releasing the negative vibrations and go with the flow of the day. Calmly and peacefully see yourself just floating downstream through out your day. You will still get to where you want to be but in a vibration that feels so much better than a negative vibration.

The more you inner work to release and just go with the flow of the day vibrations, the more you will have a calmer more balanced feeling life experience.

This isn’t to say to not get the work done or let others walk all over you; just get things done with the downstream kind of attitude and thought and you will be creating a more positive life for yourself.