step by step

Do you ever get in that place where you are trying to get all different things done at the same time?  Or maybe you feel rushed so you are rushing around to get to where it is you have to get to?

For just a moment, I want you to think about what the two questions above feel like. Do they set your adrenaline off and running? Do you feel hurried and busy just thinking about having a day that is rushed? That feeling is the feeling of pushing against the ‘go with the flow’ of the day.

You see, going with the flow doesn’t mean that you just let the day take you where it leads and you blow like a leave in the wind. Going with the flow means to let go of the need to push and get agitated and to go with the experiences as they come into your day. If you have to get ready and out the door and you don’t have much time, then do it with a quickness but not so harried that you feel rushed and freaked out. Go with the flow as you get ready quickly but step away from the agitation of making things happen in a flurry.

You can get just as much done but taking a deep breath in, letting the feeling of busy go, and exhale into a calm go with the flow kind of vibration.

Your body will thank you, your mind will thank you, and everything will get done.

A go with the flow kind of vibration brings you more experiences that involve ease and calm. Now doesn’t that sound good?