her story 3

Each day you have a chance to create positive focus toward your life experience. You can get upset over the trash that the dog dragged across the carpet or you can take care of it and then move on to a more positive focus.

You see, there is no rule book that says that if something happens that feels negative, that you have to stay upset about it. Yes, take care of it but then let go of the negative of the situation and gear your thought toward a more positive focus about each moment.

Every moment you have a choice in how you perceive life and just because something doesn’t go exactly as you thought it would, doesn’t mean that the whole day is shot. Just get back on track and see what there is to appreciate in the moments from then on. If you can’t find anything to appreciate in that moment then at least inner work toward finding a center and balance within. If you can’t feel positive then at least go for balance of the emotions and thoughts until you are ready to jump back into the game and create a more positive focus.

Life isn’t meant to be looked at as a negative experience.  It is meant to be lived in the best most positive way that you can while embracing each moment no matter what the experience. How you choose your moments is where your life will take you.

I’m choosing a strong positive focus for this day.  How about you?