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There are times where we know exactly what we want and we go for it. We have no doubt the direction we want to head. And then there are other times where we are confused and just can’t seem to make a decision.

So how can you tell what is the right choice for your life? It begins with stepping aside from the ego and the physical self.  When you are unsure of which way to go in life the best way to find that solve is to step aside from all the opinions of others, all the opinions of society, and listen to what the true voice within has to say and feel. Fear and doubt aren’t a part of that voice and neither is worry.

You begin with a deep breath in and then let go of all that concerns you in the exhale. As you let go, then go within in a calm state of mind and heart. In that connection is where the true self is forever connected to the Universe and all the solutions, love, and care you could possibly find. In that connection is where insights and realizations take place.  There is no fear or worry from that true self within. If you take that deep breath in and still feel worry, doubt, and fear, then you are working through the ego physical self still. Keep taking those deep breaths in and exhaling until you are completely relaxed and your mind feels clear.

That is the moment you ask which choice is the best for your life. Close your eyes and ‘see’ one of the paths you are thinking of taking. Play it out in your mind and heart. Do you feel good about it?  Can you feel a positive vein running through it?

Then go to the other choice you were thinking about and do the same thing. Which one feels better to you?  If worry comes to mind then take that breath once again to let go of the worry so you can feel and see clearly.

Take the choices you have and ‘put them on’ by playing it out in your mind.  Which one feels the best and feels just right?  That is the one you want to go with; the one that feels the best and the one that you can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So what if none feel right at the moment?  Then step back, let go of the resistant thoughts and feelings, and trust that the Universe will unfold the choice all in the right time for your life experience that is best for you. Then, on another day, try it again and see if one choice is feeling better than the other.

Don’t base any of it on your fear or anxiety. The true self is always calm and has a subtle feel to it. It doesn’t get involved in the drama of worry.

You will find that the more you are able to ‘check in’ with the true self, the more clarity and decisiveness you will have.  And as you pick your path, you will find that many more paths will open up to experiences you truly want in your life.