Complaining can feel as if it gives some relief when we are experiencing life but did you know that acceptance can offer relief as well?
You see, there is no life experience that is perfect.  There will always be something that makes us want to complain but when we focus on all our moments that we have to complain about, we are missing out on all the moments that we have to appreciate and embrace as well.
When we look at our life experience and accept that we have in our life what is there, no matter whether it is positive feeling or negative feeling, then we let go of the preconceived notion that we have to complain in order to be heard. We can accept what is and shift focus to what is positive in the day instead of all that went wrong. We can focus on what went well in the day and let go of the thoughts and feelings of what went wrong. We are not ignoring or suppressing our negatives of life but we are making a conscious choice to let go of the negative vibration, take care of what we need to take care of without the negative attached to it, and accepting and living life while we shift focus toward a better feeling thought.
If we are complaining to get something done that will help our life to go in a better direction then do it without the negative flair. Tell someone directly what it is that you want instead of complaining about the it. Step away from the subterfuge and be kind, compassionate, and direct.
We can create a good day no matter what and the first step is to let go of complaining. Complaining will only bring you more to complain about and create a vibration of nothing will ever be good enough.