Have you ever had a day where you are doing your best to stay in a calm balanced kind of state of min and everyone around you is running back and forth, hurrying and trying to get things done, and giving the atmosphere a feeling of chaos?

Did you know that it is the perfect time to practice letting go and finding balance which creates a calm vibration in the mists of the chaos?  And that calm vibration helps guides you to a calmer solution and takes you above and beyond the vibration of others?

The first thing to do is to be conscious of what is happening around you. If you are feeling that urge to become a part of that chaos (it usually comes in the form of frustration, anxiety, and agitation) then be aware of how you are thinking and feeling at that moment. Then take a quick moment to take in a deep breath and tell the mind to tell the body to relax the shoulders and neck. The body then becomes aware that you want to relax and each time you take that deep breath and let go through relaxation, the body responds. Then on your exhale, close your eyes for just a moment, and see yourself letting go and going within to that calm, balanced vibration that is within the connection of the true self (the real you within) and the Universe. The true self only knows calm and balance.  It is always there no matter how chaotic life can get. As you focus on the true self and the Universal connection asking to connect into the calm and balance that is always right there, you are exhaling ‘out’ the resistant thought and feeling of chaos. Do this as many times as needed and continue doing the work that needs to be done.

The physical self can sometimes get wrapped up in others and what they are thinking and feeling.  It responds by ‘attaching’ to that kind of vibration.  You have a choice if you want to or not but that only comes when you stay aware that it is happening.

You always have a choice in your thought and feeling. You can be a part of another and their vibration or you can accept that they are where they are, let go of their vibration, and continue on through calm and balance.