Secret Secret Garden

In every circumstance, there is always an open door.  Sometimes it may feel like a door closed but truly if a door did close then that means there are so many more that are opening and ready for you to walk through.

Sometimes when we experience a less than positive experience, we think that somehow we have been let down and that all is lost. But sometimes we need those less than positive experiences to create the next step to where we are to go and that next step is an open door. The next step may not be seen immediately but just know within that your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the experience is what will guide you to that next step.

We are continual works in progress. We are always learning, growing, and expanding our minds and spirits. It is part of the physical experience. If we keep that in mind and heart when we are experiencing a less than positive experience, then we can let go of the resistant vibrations of thought and let go of the thought of ‘negative.’  We can look at the experience as a stepping stone to where we want to be.

If you step forward through creating a positive focus in the face of the experience then you do step forward and grow to a higher level of learning. You graduated to higher more positive experiences.  But if you step backward and dive into the feelings and thoughts of the negative of ‘why me’ or ‘this isn’t fair,’ then you will continue with the same kind of experience to help guide you to find a different attitude and behavior so that you can move ‘up.’

In every experience, we have a choice.  What have you chosen today?