beth mccain 2212

No matter what you may be experiencing, the next moment could change it all. Even if you think that there is no way something could possibly work out as it all seems to be going every way but the way you want it…the next moment can change the whole experience.

When a challenge comes up in life and you hold tight to the vibration of how challenging it feels, then you are putting strong focus toward holding on to that challenge.

But if you have a challenge and you choose to let go of the resistant thought and feeling of the challenge, then you are letting go of putting focus toward those agitating vibrations.  You can think of the best case scenario that can happen instead of focusing on the worst case scenario. You can choose, in the next moment, to create a feeling and thought of trust in the Universe and creating a positive scenario regarding that particular challenge. And as you focus on that better feeling thought, you will find that the challenge changes somehow. And as you continue to create a positive vibration, moment by moment things begin to change for the better.

One moment is all it takes to change the whole experience. Choose your thoughts wisely my friend and trust.