beth mccain 4453

Being positive is not ignoring a situation you may be in that feels less than positive. Some have said, “Being positive and acting like everyone is okay when it isn’t means you are just avoiding or ignoring what is really happening.”  Well, it all depends on how you create that positive vibration.

When we are in a negative feeling experience, we tend to get into an upset state of mind. We begin to focus and focus on how bad it feels and we begin to worry and doubt. We shake our fists at the heavens and ask, “WHY is this happening?  I’m a good person and I create positive thoughts and feelings all the time! WHY is this happening?”

No one said that just because you have a positive vibration going all day long that you weren’t going to have challenges. We’re human.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and by doing that we have certain limits that are imposed upon us because we are human in a physical world. But where it get unlimited, is that amazing spirit within of who we truly are.  That true self knows there truly are no limits or boundaries.  It is where we connect to the Universe and find hope and inspiration.  But our physical ego self feels that it has to find something to be concerned about.  It has to occupy itself with fixing the worst case scenario even if the worse case scenario isn’t happening. It veers toward thinking only of survival and comfort and that is where the upset feelings and thoughts come into it all.

If you are ignoring the situation by not doing anything then that isn’t creating forward motion. Even if that action is mental thought then that is a step forward.

Keeping your mind and heart in the experience and doing all you can to take care of the experience is up to the physical self but the true self within knows that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. And the true self is eternally positive and centered so it makes perfect sense to begin from within before heading into solutions in the physical.

By balancing from within from that true self you will be experiencing from a true calm place that is always full of hope and inspiration. It literally can create a positive forward motion when you begin within first.

No one made a rule that you have to be upset when you have a challenge. You can take care of it in the best physical self way you can but rely on the inner spirit of who you truly are to bring the positive intention along with it. You can be happy while you experience life.