beth mccain 791

When was the last time you sat down and just daydreamed? Daydreaming is an incredible inspiring tool to opening and expanding the mind.  As you let yourself think unlimited, your true spirit within is able to be first and foremost. In that daydream, you don’t think of all the reasons why something can’t happen.  You think and feel unlimited. You create this amazing visual that feels real and positive.  When you ‘come back ‘from your daydream you have this feeling as if you actually went somewhere for a while.

You know what?  You did go somewhere for a while. You went to the place within that is eternally connected to all solutions, all dreams, and all realities. You opened up that connection and you were able to go beyond your physical self and truly feel that unlimited feel within that is oh so inspiring and hopeful.  And that connection can create more and more of what you were daydreaming about.

Daydreaming isn’t something that only children can do. You can daydream and really create where you want to be.  It is nurturing to your very spirit that will help guide you to all the open doors you can handle.

Take a moment to daydream and let yourself get involved within it. Step aside from thinking it is only for children and begin to use it to help guide you to where you want to be.