Secret Secret Garden

Each of us has our own unique way of perceiving life. We are made up of our past experiences and lessons, our upbringing, what we perceive from our particular point of view, and how we relate and feel in society.

If two people had the same exact experience, they would each view it in a different way. Their thoughts and feelings may be similar but can no way be exactly the same because of that uniqueness that we all possess.

So what makes us think that we are all going to have the same opinion of an experience or why do we feel the need to compare who we are to another when we will never be the same.

If someone gets something that you would love to have then you don’t have to become envious or jealous of that person at all. You can have something similar if you want. Their life and how they live it takes them in a direction just like how you live life takes you in a direction.

How about we just accept one another for our unique thoughts and opinions and stick to creating our own life without being assuming or judgmental of someone else’s experience? How about we learn from one another yet still respect each other if we disagree.

We could all be reading the same book but on different pages, right?  How about we live in the book of life while finding our own pages to write and be?

Choose accepting others through unconditional love even if you don’t understand their choices. You can accept them and let them walk their own path while you walk yours with judgment or assumption.