mini vacation

There are experiences where you wonder what you are supposed to do. Are you going to sink? Are you going to swim? What are you going to do?  Are you thinking the worst before you have all the facts?  Are you thinking that maybe you could ‘tread water’ a little while longer but then what?

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of an experience that you are feeling completely overwhelmed in, you just have to float. You don’t have to do into the depths of despair and you don’t have to get up and take action this very moment. Sometimes you just need to step back, release the thoughts and feelings of agitation and worry, and float into balance within. This can help your situation more than sinking or swimming.  When you stop thinking, stop worrying, and stop trying to find a fast solution and then let go of the stress and the resistant feelings and thoughts and just visualize going within to that place of calm, then you can just float for a while until you get your thoughts and feelings in a better feeling place.

Float my friend and ‘just be’ for awhile. Let clarity wash over you. In that clarity you will find solutions and calm so that you are able to relax into the experience and rise above and beyond it.