beth mccain 8898

Sometimes we can feel as if we don’t deserve a good life. Whether it stems from one experience or just an inner belief, we can feel and think, “Everyone else gets what they want but I know I never will.” Or maybe you hold a grudge with others who have more than you.  And maybe that grudge comes in the shape of envy or jealousy.

You see, what others have makes no difference whether you get it or not; but your feelings and thoughts toward what they have and how you compare it to your life, does make all the difference. If you are putting out envy, jealousy, feeling sorry for yourself, or any other resistant feeling vibrations, then you are bringing experiences to your doorstep with those vibrations.

But if you look at another and what they have and see it as a sign from the Universe that you too, can have the same or even better, then you are creating a much more productive vibration for what you want. Couple that with feeling as if you are deserving, just like everyone is, then you will be sending out a strong positive vibration of ‘YES! I am deserving!”

As you go about your day, stay conscious of when you put yourself down or feel less than. Take that moment to realize it is just a thought until you attach feeling to it. Let go and detach from the vibration of feeling less than and replace it with the feeling and thought of ‘I truly do deserve a good life.’

Step by step will get you there my friend.