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If you are feeling less than positive the best thing that you can do is to find balance from within.  The first step is to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. If you are feeling agitated, impatience, angry, frustrated, worried, or concerned, then first be aware of what you are feeling. The less than positive thoughts and feelings are resistant vibrations. They are the ones that make you feel off-balance.  When you feel that feeling and thought and are conscious of it, then you can take the next step toward getting rid of it.

The next step is to take a deep breath in, have the mind tell the body to relax the shoulders and neck, close your eyes, and then exhale.  In the exhale feel as if you are going deeper within yourself to that place within that is full of calm and balance. That connection where you are forever connected to the Universe where love and acceptance always ‘is’ and there are no feelings of resistance. You may have to keep taking that deep breath in and exhaling a few times before you feel the release of the resistant vibrations. Continue to shift your focus toward ‘within’ and finding that place of balance as you let go of the negative thoughts and feelings. Those negative vibrations are keeping you in your current place in life but as you practice and learn to let go and find balance, then you will find that life begins to reflect that thought and feeling.

The next step is to shift your focus toward a better feeling thought. If you are feel impatient about something then do the balance and letting go exercise and then shift your focus from impatience to the thought of ‘All is well and will be well all in the right time that is best for my life. The Universe has my back.’  Your shift in thought and feeling will replace the impatience with trust and calm.

It takes inner work to release negative vibrations but just know that it is possible if you practice.  Before you know it you will change your old thought patterns and be embracing new thought patterns.