beth mccain 793

We are given signs all day long of what can be in our life but most of the time we are so busy or wrapped up in what we are doing that we miss the signs the Universe is wanting us to see.

Signs can come in the most ordinary of moments; a penny on the ground, one blue flower among many pink flowers, a cloud in the shape of an arrow, or a phone call from someone that you haven’t heard from in a long while that has a solution for you.

Keep your mind and heart open to seeing signs that can be guideposts to go in a certain direction or to let you know that you are truly on the right path. No longer look at the day as ‘just another day’ and embrace it with full expectation of signs coming your way to help encourage you or show you another direction. The Universe usually brings signs that mean something to the individual and may not mean a thing to another. That is what is so amazing about signs from the Universe; they are unique and sing only to our soul.

Look at today as a day full of signs and be ready for each and every one. Then thank the Universe for that bit of knowledge to help guide you to where you want to be.