agree to disagree and respect

What would happen if you kept love in the first and foremost of your mind and heart in every experience?  I’m talking about love as a choice and not just a feeling.

We have choices all day long that we make and many of those choices are made in the spur of a moment or a well thought out plan. Some choices are just routine and some are big life altering choices, but in each choice we do have yet another choice in how we perceive the experience and handle the experience. What if when that someone spouts their opinion about your life, instead of feeling hurt, you just shift over to the choice of love?  What would happen? I think you would let go and not become attached to the hurt thought and feelings of what another said. You see, it truly is our choice in how we respond to life. Just because someone says they don’t like something about us, doesn’t mean that we have to accept it and take on that vibration. We can let it go and choose love in that moment. We can love ourselves and unconditional love the person who made the remark while detaching from their judgmental vibration.

What if you have a less than positive experience?  Then let go of the resistant feeling vibrations of the experience and choose love of inner growth. That experience is helping guide you to a higher positive vibration IF you decide it is. When you choose then you are choosing the direction that life will be going for you.

Choose love each and every time and you will find that life will begin to reflect that love right back to you.