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Your choice my friend. No matter what the experience, what others say to you, what others do to you, what may happen to you; you always have a choice in how you perceive the experience. You can choose to be let down, hurt, upset, angry, worrisome, doubtful, or fearful OR you can choose to expect the best, let go of negative and resistant feeling vibrations, know and trust that no matter what the experience that all is well and will be well.

No one made a law that you can’t be happy if life isn’t exactly as you planned in the moment. Just because you have an experience that is less than positive doesn’t mean that you can’t shift your focus toward what is good and positive in the situation. And even if you can’t find the positive, you can trust that there is a positive in it all. You can be happy in a less than positive experience.

Happiness only comes from within. It doesn’t come from a new car or a new home. Sure, those things can make life easier and make you feel more secure which can create a feeling of happiness but many have every material thing they could want and can still be unhappy with life.

So why not build happiness right now?  How about focusing on what is good in your day and let go of any feelings and thoughts that create agitation? How about shifting focus from thinking life is out to get you and that it never works out the way you want it and replacing those vibrations with appreciation of what you do enjoy in life and what is working well.

Creating happiness right now will begin to create happiness in your physical life. The more you create that positive feeling from within the more you will have experiences of that very nature.

If you are unsure how to create happiness when you are feeling less than positive begin by remembering that you have a choice in how you think, act, and feel. An outer circumstance doesn’t have to dictate where you place your thoughts and feelings. Know, trust, and expect that this Universe is on your side and each experience is a chance for you to take it to a higher positive level of thought and vibration so that you can match the vibration of what you envision. Embrace experiences and relax into them knowing that the experience is a part of helping guide you to change.

Create appreciation and happiness today my friend.