Just because you can’t see the progress doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made.  It is all in how you look at it. If you are wanting and waiting for something to happen in your life but you just haven’t seen it yet then that is the time to let go of the resistant feeling thought of waiting and latch on to the vibration that all is well and will be well.

Would you want to live in a building that didn’t have a solid foundation?  At this moment, what you want in life, isn’t quite ready to manifest and the reason being is that it needs a solid foundation in order to be strong and stay in your life. You can build the solid foundation by how you perceive life and what it is that you envision. If you send the Universe a mixed bag of vibrations then it doesn’t seem very solid now, does it?  But if you send the Universe strong focused positive vibrations as you inner work through all your vibrations (letting go of the resistant vibration and embracing a better feeling vibration) then you are choosing a direction in which you want life to go. The Universe will take it from there as it creates experiences in your life to help guide you to that higher and solid vibration you are looking for.

The Universe has the full picture while you see only a part of it. How about trusting that the Universe will take care of the how and the perfect time that it should unfold for your life? How about living in this moment, appreciating life, do the inner work to let go of the old and embrace the new, and let the Universe do the rest as you continue to create a higher stronger vibration?

What do you say? 🙂