time to release

Do you know that no matter what you may be experiencing that it doesn’t have to create a negative resistant kind of thought and feel?  You see, you have a choice in how you go about experiencing. Even if the experience feels less than positive, you still can create a better positive feeling and thought about the experience. So how do you do that in the middle of something challenging? It begins with being conscious of the feeling of resistance.

Resistant vibrations are easy to detect. They come in the form of agitation and anxiety. They come in the form of any feeling or thought that is making you worry or fear. They can come in the form of frustration and anger as well. I think you get the picture. 😉 Does this mean that you should ignore all those resistant vibrations? Absolutely not. When you ignore feelings then you push them way down ‘within’ and eventually they are going to come up in another way. The experiences are there to help guide you in a direction and you get to pick the direction by how you think, react, and feel.

If you are feeling resistance then the first thing is to be conscious of how you are thinking and feeling. This gives you a ‘heads up’ on how you feel. It is the moment to stop listening to that critical voice and/or ego and realize that the only reason they are coming up is because of resistance. Next, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and feel yourself relaxing your shoulders and neck. This is a great indicator to the body and mind that you want to relax and just ‘be.’  Next go within and find that calm place within where balance is.  Connect to that place and then exhale letting go of the feeling of resistance. Keep doing it again and again until you feel calm, balance, and clarity come over you.

You can still take care of the situation as best as you can but you truly don’t have to get worked up about it. Yes, there are things in this world that creates anger, frustration, and worry but you can do your best to look at the resistant vibration, listen to what it may be telling you so that you can do the inner work to grow through the experience but then let go of the resistance while taking care of it in a positive frame of mind and heart.

The inner work is one of the keys toward creating a more positive life experience.