You have two ways of looking at any situation.  One, you can look at it through a negative frame of mind or two, you can look at it through a positive frame of mind You see, no matter the situation you have a choice in how you think and feel.  Can’t find the positive in a situation? Then just knowing there is a positive and it will show itself it the right time that is best for your life, is enough.

Car breaks down? You can shift to the negative and think about how much money it might cost or that you had to wait 45 minutes for the tow guy to get there OR you can shift to the positive, take care of what needs to be taken care of but think of how grateful you are that you have a cell phone to call a tow, that you’re okay and didn’t break down in a bad place.  Two different focuses and each will create the next moment and your future experiences.

What will you choose in your moments today?